Foundation Board Members

Potential Walden West Foundation board members are invited to serve on the board because of their talents, knowledge of the community and their commitment to generating financial and other resources in support of the Walden West environmental education program, which is a part of the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

Board Members:

  • Learn about Walden West and become ambassadors for its programs
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan and review and approve the foundation’s fiscal management and budget
  • Participate in fundraising for the organization in one or more of the following ways:
    • Contribute to special campaigns (e.g.,a capital campaign)
    • Assist in identifying individuals, businesses and foundations which could be contacted about Walden West
    • Assist in contacting and soliciting donations from those individuals, businesses and foundations
  • Work in partnership with the Walden West Director to determine the needs of Walden West programs and to help carry out foundation goals
  • Attend all board meetings
  • Review materials sent before the board meeting and participate in all discussions
  • Evaluate the performance of the board on an annual basis and take action to correct problems
  • Follow the guiding principles of the Walden West Foundation by-laws
  • Hold office for the duration of the initial term
Current Board Members:
President: Stella Kemp
Vice President: Yuval Swartz
Secretary: Lisa Ketchum
Treasurer: Chris Carney
Board members: Marie Bacher
Steve Olmos
Quinn Cao